We help small businesses and professionals understand and meet their regulatory obligations.

Here are Some of the Things We Can Help You Understand

HIPAA Compliance

Health care professionals, business associates, and others must comply with federal and state privacy laws. Many have written some privacy policies and procedures. But few have ever completed their work or done a required risk assessment.

You’ve invested a lot in your reputation; don’t become another privacy breach headline. You don’t have to hope nothing goes wrong. You can solve the problem. Let us show you how to satisfy your information privacy and security obligations.

Health Care Reform

Just when you thought you understood the tangle of health plans, networks, and rules, everything changes – again. Maybe it’s time to sit down and wait for things to clear. Maybe it’s time seize the opportunity to fix the things that are broken. Maybe it’s time to go into hibernation.

We can help you figure out what’s changed, what’s the same and what to do about it.

Business Relationships

Unless you work alone, you’ve had to hire someone, fire someone, or become a partner with someone. It’s a hard decision that can become a nightmare without the right piece of paper.  Maybe you believe that your employee really is an independent contractor. Maybe you believe a firm handshake is all you need for a good agreement.

Why take chances? We know how to read and write the strange language of contracts and business relationships.